Our Manufacturing Process

IyroSolar has India's largest solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 10 MW's at it's plant in Odisha; enabling us to deliver high-quality affordable solar products to our customers. Our avant-garde automated production facility offers mono & poly crystalline PV modules ranging from 75wp to 585wp for various on-grid and off-grid applications across inida and exported globally.

Automatic Sorting

  • Fully automated machine without requirement of any human intervention.
  • Module sorting based on power &/or current.
  • Compatible both for framed and glass-glass module.

Sun Simulator Test

  • Best in class AAA sun simulator for precise measurements.
  • Simultaneously test key electrical parameters and generate I-V/P-V curves.
  • Sorting can be done according to Power and/or Current.
  • Infrared temperature measurement.

Visual Inspection

  • 90° automatic flipping for visual inspection.
  • Adjustable for different module sizes.
  • 100% Visual inspection of module with the acceptance criteria at par with global standards.


  • High Speed Stringers with 3600 Cut Cells/hr capacity.
  • Compatible for MBB (5BB to 12BB).
  • IR based soldering eliminates physical contacts reducing.
  • mechanical stress on cells.
  • Auto string pickup eliminating human intervention.
  • EL test of 100% strings.

Pre LAM Visual Inspection

  • Auto reading of barcode and EL image capturing.
  • 100% Visual & EL inspection of module as per acceptance criteria at par with global standards.


  • Double stack laminator for enhanced process reliability and optimized process time.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of modules.

We follow the strictest production guidelines and the best International Industry Standards and Practices with all major national & international certifications.