Mono Crystalline Half-cut Series

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Mono Crystalline Half-cut Series is the simplest and the most common type of photovoltaic panels.

Mono facial panels have a single layer of solar cells, allowing them to absorb sunlight from one side. This innovative design optimizes efficiency and performance, making them a standout choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

One of the primary advantages of mono facial solar panels lies in their exceptional efficiency. By focusing on capturing sunlight from one side, these panels maximize energy production. This means you can generate more power with fewer panels, making them a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for your energy needs

    Product Variants
    • 585wp
    • 545wp
    • 500wp
    • 450wp
    • 400wp
    • 300wp
    • 260p

    Product Description
    • 250 WP - 550 WP 144 Cell Mono Half Cut
    • Excellent Anti-PID Performance Guaranteed
    • Excellent Power Output with +ve Tolerance (up to 4.99Wp)
    • 25 Years Linear Power Warranty
    • Made in India Product with ISO Certification